Google Drive Sign Up

Be sure to read this entire page and then...

If you need some extra help, here's a YouTube Video that walks you through the signup process.

LCPS uses Google Drive to share documents with clients. It is very important to us that you are confident that your data is safe and secure. Google is an industry leader of on-line technology. Security is one of their top priorities. You can read about the Privacy and Policies of Google Drive by clicking here or watch this YouTube Video.  

The sign-up page will look like this. Make sure to use your current email address. There is no need to create a new Gmail address.


Here are some additional tips and options for using Goggle Drive.

Keep Your Web Browser Up to Date
Google Drive works best with Google's very own web browser, Google Chrome. But it also works with most other popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. The important thing to remember is to keep your browser up to date. Keeping your browser up to date is also a good practice to guard against internet security risks.

Save This Site
Please be sure to "Add to Favorites" or "Bookmark" this page to make it easier to find. There are a few different pages you can add. When you click on the link in the initial email LCPS sent you about Google Drive, the screen will look like this...

This page contains all the folders with the documents we've shared. You can add/bookmark this page.

Or click on the button in the top right of the screen to get the full version of Google Drive.
You can add/bookmark this page.

Or you can can simply add/bookmark the generic address -

Remember Your Password
We should never know your password.  Google includes some password recovery methods when you signed up but it's a good idea just to write it down and keep it in a safe place.

Move Your Folders to My Drive
When we share folders or documents with you they are placed in a folder on your site called "Shared with me".  You certainly can leave them in this folder but to make them easier to find or to take advantage of syncing your files to your own computer (see below) you will need to move the folders to "My Drive".

Here are the 3 steps to do this:

1) Click on "Shared with me";

2) Check off all the folders (or just click the box at the top beside Title);

3) Click on "Add to My Drive".

The files and folders which we have shared with you will now be available in "My Drive".

Sync Your Shared Files to Your Hard Drive
One powerful feature is the the ability to store and synchronize all the documents that we have uploaded to Google Drive on your own computer.  Click here to get detailed instructions on how to install this feature.